In the Image of the Future

Meeting New People

Meeting new People: 

We ate lunch, then helped people as needed.    

The Jillseth clan: 

  • Mayann, Human Female, mid 50s. dark skinned Leader of the Jillseth Family.
  • Chesk, Human male, Teens, dark skinned, youngest member of the Jillseth family,  quite         the "trickster" 
  • Neeyan,  Human Female, 20s, looks very much like her mother. 
  • Quillon Thayed affianced to Neeyan, haven't met yet, went for supplies. 

Group 1 

  • Jason, human male, digger 
  • Serin, Human male, mason 
  • Hellen,  Human female, mason 
  • Destil, Elf female, handywoman 

Group 2 

  • Lestil, Orc male, architect 
  • Maddox(May) Human female, carpenter 
  • Ellis, Halffolk male carpenter 
  • Frepps Gnome male, glassist/artist 


  • Brith, Gnome female, healer/sculptor 
  • Semil Brend, Dwarf female. Stone worker/jewelry assessment 
  • Keane Fariway, Goblin male, researcher/scribe 
  • Haylen Orc/Dwarf female, horticulturist? 

Building is part of a small mountain.  With tents scattered around outside(mostly farther away).  Most everyone, but the Jillseth'sfell "alone" in the house, but feel better farther away from house.  Frepps has a looking device that makes things appear bigger, shows us some interesting stars in the sky.   

The general sense that everyone is talking about are two fold, 

Excited/Enthusiastic to be a part of doing good in Agador,  also feel that helping the Jillseths maty be good for them as well, as the jillseths have "name recognition" 

Concerned  about feeling of lonliness in the house, fear others may leave, and work won't get done.  or they won't overcome the "bad" feeling.  Some general fear and apprehension.



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