In the Image of the Future

The Hold at Last

...or better said, bath time!

Well Pix, another day, another crazy time.    I wanted to have a little fun at Ropes expense and the orc, excuse me, Moonshadow, and the Marked seemed to take it way to seriously.   They were not getting that the river was "on the way"…oh well, probably too early for them to understand my humor.

Got to the hold, what a wreck, and a sentry asked us who what we were there for.  I could tell Moonshadow was bursting at the seems wanting to answer, Marked look disinterested, and Pickwick was distracted scheming his devices…so I spoke up.   Problem was, I really just accepted the job to get away from the city and only have a slight idea of what we're here for.

Bath, they have bath water!   I can finally be clean, although I did throw some water on Ropes for fun and just in case it worked.   I heard a lot of caterwauling and such, I guess they had some sort of ritual and one of Pickwick's creations involved in waking up Ropes.    But for now, I'm just going to enjoy my bath.



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