In the Image of the Future

In for a crown

Why are they looking at me that way?

Hey Pix, Hetrick…breakfast was good and we are getting to our assignment.   Problem is getting into a library on the first floor.   They were reluctant to break a window or try taking it out fearing some sort of magical backlash.   That's reasonable, there's certainly something  wrong with the place as you both well know.


After some talk, I offered to turn into a rabbit or cat, Marked pointed out that it was all stone.  Granted,  it was with that attitude, like I was supposed to be paying attention to the ruins.   So much more to be concerned about…like the effect it has on people.   Still she suggested a bird so I complied before they could think about their threat to me doing magic.


Turns out it wasn't stone, but wood, and it wasn't like a cave in, just a floor with a bunch of holes.   It was dark so I came back and offered to change into a cat.   Naturally an argument ensued, about how to get down and get back.   Nobody liked my idea of pushing bookcases to make a stairs.


Still in the end, I went down there…as a cat…I didn't mention how hard it is turning into a cat…I worry I won't come back…again.   Not that it did any good, by the time I got back to the hole they were looking down, Moonshadow was attempting to climb down…that didn't end well, fell on her head.   Gave me an idea to push the couches under the hole.   Ropes didn't try to climb, instead he did this backwards fall into the couches.  


Pickwick was next, he attempted to climb down with the rope, and fell…I really thought the couches would help, I fear it made it worse for him.   I didn't think limbs could bend in that fashion.  


Marked just slid down the rope like it was the most natural thing.   So now, we're in the library…I have a bad feeling about this…if I don't come out, I apologize, but I'll find some way to come back and help you both find peace.



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