In the Image of the Future

To the Library!

Pickwick's View

Mayan explains that the expedition has explored most of the first floor and can access the second floor, but not the third or the tower.  Furthermore, there isn't much of a cellar.  For an exploration expedition, they don't sem to be doing a lot of exploring.  I guess they've been spending their time setting up camp and growing food.  Well, we'll see about that in the morning.

Come morning Mayan approaches during breakfast.  She says that she would like to get into the library.  Well, it's not a workshop[, but might have some good stuff in the books.  Apparently the second floor collapsed into the library.  They can into the library through a window, but don't want to break it to gain access.  Ferris asks why they don't remove it.  Mayan thinks they should find out more about her ancestors first.  They still don't know why they were attacked nor what happened.  There are stories of things protected by magic.  OK, so ixnay on the indowway emovalray.  Might be a load bearing window besides.

Ferris debates turning into a bird on the spot and inspecting the rockfall for openings.  Luckily for those of us less happy about MORE spirits showing up, he doesn't…yet.  Mayan leads us in to the window and we decide to attack the problem from the presumably premade doorway on the second floor.  The stairs up are creaky, probably braced rather than repaired.  

At the top of the stairs is a doorway with cracks in the walls and missing floorboards.  Beyond a dark, dusty hallway extends towards the mountain.  After securing a lantern with a chemical lamp to protect any books, we carefully proceed down the hallway.  Note to self, study chemical lamp.  Mayan says it should last four hours, to take care of it.  Doors to either side lead to bedrooms.  They have beds!? and they're sleeping on cots in tents?!  Note to self — prioritize civilization.  Near the mountainside, we come to a precipice in the hallway.  Shining light into the hole, we see bookcases below.  We lower the lamp into the library.  Ferris changes into a cat.  We look around for a spirit.  He checks out a bedroom, jumping on the bed.  Sigh, a bed.  He also spots a broken mirror.

We secure a rope to the bed and lower it into the library.  Ferris, who don't need no stinking rope, hops from bookcase to rubble to bookcase until he lands on a couch and reaches the floor.  Moonshadow climbs down the rope, falling the last part.  Ropes, sailor that he is, simply jumps down…with panache.  I consider my vast experience in climbing and jumping around the city streets, and decide to follow the so-far-less-falling method.  I chose foolishly and land with considerably less panache.  "Land" might be generous. "Fall…with pain" might be more accurate. Well, I guess I can walk away, so it is merely a hard landing.  To add injury to insult, Marked climbs down with panache.  Note to self, ensure no more need to fall into he library.

Having reached the destination, we look about the library…



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